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DSC 1002 Terrorism OnlineWrite in detail if you feel that the U. S. Government should be able to pry into the personal lives of SUSPECTED terrorists? Why or why not? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________In order to mitigate threats to the airline industry, the United States has initiated full-body scanners, pat-down procedures, U.S. Marshals aboard flights, uniform flight lists, luggage scanning, and more since 9/11. As technology continues to advance, the airline industries’ mitigation efforts continue to adapt and change.Questions:1. How much of your privacy are you willing to surrender in order to be safe on flights?2. How much should the U.S. Government be allowed to infringe on the civil rights of individuals wishing to fly on an airline?3. Should individuals who refuse to participate in screening procedures be allowed to fly on an airline?_________________________________________________________________________________________________The United States is clearly facing an unprecedented crisis. Gun violence is already tragically commonplace. And, with what now seems a depressing regularity, individuals inspired by self-perpetuating online echo chambers that peddle malignant, exclusionary ideologies and conspiracy theories have taken up arms and perpetrated a chain of lethal copycat assaults. The attacks are a product oftwenty-first-century social media platformsthat reach wide audiences, and racists, anti-Semites, xenophobes, and conspiracy junkies use them to appeal to and target like-minded individuals who are acutely susceptible and responsive to their violent entreaties.The challenge is that, unlike in the past, this violence is not fueled by identifiable terrorist organizations or terrorist leaders. Rather, it is driven by these individuals’ wanton embrace of conspiracy theories and ideological diatribes against immigration. These rants have now found their way into the mainstream of political discourse via campaign rallies, tweets, and similarly calculated diatribes by President Donald J. Trump and other political figures. Coupled with the availability of highly lethal firearms, the inevitable outcome is tragedies such as those in Pittsburgh and in Poway, Californiaand, this past weekend, in El Paso. Approaches used to counter threats from groups such as the self-proclaimed Islamic State or al-Qaeda will not necessarily work. Any new domestic terrorism legislation will therefore have to frame a new approach to threats that emanate fromsulfurous internet platforms.Question:How much of your personal freedoms, such as privacy, speech, and press, are you willing to sacrifice in order to be more secure from terrorism?Political ScienceSocial ScienceGovernment