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According to following information, complete the following PHP program by requirements. function for arrayintcount($array_name): returns the number of elements in the array.function for PDOintexec($sql_statement): Execute an SQL statement and return the number of affected rows.PDOStatementprepare($sql_statement): Prepare an SQL statement for execution. Using a colon (:) to add parameters.PDOStatementquery($sql_statement): Executes an SQL statement, returning a result set as a PDOStatement object.functions for PDOStatementboolbindValue($param, $value): Binds a value to a parameter.boolcloseCursor(): closes the cursor and free the connection to the server.IntcolumnCount(): Returns the number of columns in the result set.boolexecute():Executes a prepared statement. Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.mixedfetch(): returns an array of the next row in the result set. The array is indexed by both a string index for the column name and a numeric index for the column position. If no array is available, a FALSE value is returned.arrayfetchAll(): returns an array for all rows in the result set. An empty array is returned if there are zero results to fetch.mixedgetAttribute($attribute): Retrieve a statement attribute. :myprice’;/*Requirements:Retrieve productCode and productName for all products whose prices are greater than the above variable $threshold.If there is no result (i.e., values for productCode and productName) retrieved by the $query statement, print out “No result returned.” on web page.If there is result (are results) retrieved by the $query statement, print out values of productCode and productName ofallproducts on web page.Close the database connection afterwards. */Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyObject-Oriented ProgrammingCIS 4260