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I will pay for the following article A Womens Dinner Cultural Event. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The term is a relatively new one, having first gained popularity in the writings of Hymes in the early 1970s. This paper analyzes a women’s dinner, a cultural event, using Hymes “SPEAKING” pattern.Raymond Williams is widely considered the father of modern anthropological linguistics(McGill, 2013). The overriding idea that Williams propagated was that words have both particular and contextual meanings. The particular meaning of a word is fixed no matter where it is used. By contrast, the contextual meaning of a word varies depending on the setting in and circumstances under which it is used. Based on this basic idea, much research has been conducted. For instance, researchers have attempted to explore the relationship between language and cultural events. While many activities that may take place at a cultural event, such as a dance may not use words, the message may still be put across through body language. Thus, in order to engage meaningfully with a given culture, a person must have a basic understanding of the verbal and non-verbal languages of the culture.Anthropologists and anthropological linguists agree that there is a strong relationship between anthropology and language. It is by means of language that people exchange cultures. Anthropologists, more often than not, need a basic understanding of the language of the community whose culture they set out to study. At a more personal level, if an individual is to fit a given culture, they need a reasonable mastery of the language used in that culture. In the early 1970s, Hymes coined the term “communicative competence” to refer to the level of mastery of a given language.Over the years, anthropologists have researched extensively(Bachand, 2013). Much of their research work is available at least one of these three categories of libraries: governmental, private or institutional. Also, some of the literature is available online from several sites that host scholarly articles.&nbsp.