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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on introduction to social sciences. It is a sad thing to notice that, the authorities always catch about one of the four people who use coke while the same authority catches one in every seven white people who use the same resources. The statistics clearly show that racism is evident in the country. The people in the society are concerned more about their social class than any other thing. The result of this is that the people have opted for a higher living standard that exceeds what they get to sustain them leading to other social problems like crime and insecurity in the region too.The freedom of speech is not well utilized in the country as people have the general fear that the government and the authorities will victimize them for what they say. Therefore, what an individual says is totally kept for them and it is said in low tones. The majority of the citizens provide the government with almost what is said negatively about the authority of individuals. The use of drugs and the rise of insecurity is a major problem in the country. Well-organized gangs who pose a threat to the security of the whole region do the importation of drugs and morals of those who use the drugs are undermined.There is a lot of false information about the existence of aliens that makes most of the people live in fear of the unknown thus posing a threat to society. The issue of globalization has also led to a major problem of insecurity due to the emergence of cyber-bullying and cyber-crime. The existence of this is itself a threat to the whole nation and society too. Unequal employment opportunities based on sexuality and discrimination due to disability is a problem for the nation. Men tend to be given more jobs than women and the disabled do not have a place in the society as they are seen to be the minorities and thus denied opportunities to develop in most societies.