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Write a 12 pages paper on e-commerce. An evaluation of the benefits and limitations associated with e-commerce sets forth a critical contribution to the topic, thus the proposed recommendations aimed at fostering the benefits of e-commerce and minimizing the associated risks. In conclusion, this paper gives a summary of the findings from the articles used and the critical analysis thereof.Technological advancements have been witnessed immensely across the world due to globalization and increased competitiveness pressure. The Internet is a critical invention that has revolutionized business processes, making it more effective to trade even across geographical limits. Among the advancements brought forth by this technology in the economy is a style of trading known as electronic commerce, also referred to as e-commerce or eCommerce. There is no single agreed definition of e-commerce. It is defined by Nanehkaran as an interaction of communication, data management and security systems for the exchange of commercial information with regards to the sale of products.1 It is basically an electronic mediated platform that facilitates commercial exchanges between parties. E-commerce is founded on technologies like electronic funds transfer, Internet marketing, inventory management systems, automated data, mobile commerce, supply chain management, transaction processing and electronic data interchange, EDI among others.2 Whereas e-commerce entails conducting business through electronic media, the Internet is the most common electronic media used. Thus, it could be defined in other ways as a business transaction via the Internet.Just like other popular technological advents, eCommerce has a history. E-commerce in the 1970s meant electronic data exchange for the purpose of sending business documents. With technological advancement, the terminology came to mean business conducted through the web. With the introduction of the World Wide Web in 1994, the web-based business became a critical component.