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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Appraisal of Segmentation and Advertising in the Marketing Strategies of Italy. It needs to be at least 3250 words. Has gained considerable importance, which very comfortably settles-in with the above-described presumptions of tourism service marketing in the 21st-century context (Pike, 2008). Following the ideology of destination marketing, places that attract tourism are being presented as brands to the targeted market segment. Subsequently, presented as a brand, destinations or places also require promotion amid the targeted customers to lure them for their ultimate purchase in competitive war with other, almost similar, destinations (Giannopoulos & et. al., 2011). This has certainly made the tasks for destination marketers challenging, having no tangible value.Nonetheless, marketing approaches in the services sector have taken place and are continuously improving since the 19th century. This played a guiding role for destination marketers in strategizing their respective promotional initiatives (Dahlman, 2007). Unsurprisingly thus, most of the marketing strategies used in destination marketing seem to be directly inspired by modern service marketing approaches (Hartl, 2002). However, as the services being marketed through destination marketing function without any boundary in interpersonal dimension, rather extends to natural paradoxes presented by the geographic, economic and social dimensions of a place, promotional strategies used for destination marketing diversifies significantly from the marketing approaches applied when promoting any other service (Hoyle, 2002).Apparently, summing up the entire details, of how complex and unique destination marketing approaches are, is impossible within a handful of words. To describe the phenomenon, relative literature references can be drawn with emphasis on its two most prominent components i.e. segmentation and advertising. Emphasizing this statement in justification to the need and scope for an in-depth study of the stated trend, in this thesis, an illustration of various facets, strengths, weaknesses, uses.