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Compose a 1750 words assignment on purpose of liberal education. Needs to be plagiarism free! As the study stresses liberal education help learners to live their own lives. They are able to make sober decisions on what is best for them and what is not. Liberal education teaches the learners many things about the society, the world, and how to handle different issues. When liberal education students come across something that is not right, they would be able to address the issue according to their understanding of that societal issue. As Western Washington University puts it, liberal education enables the learners to lead an interesting life and to intelligently shape the world positively. Each of the liberal education graduates solving their own problems and issues within their society leads to a greater good for a region and the world at large. According to the paper findings there are many issues that are arising in the world today and spark heated debates among the opponents and proponents of such issues. Liberal education graduates can come in handy in such scenarios and advice on what should be done to make the issue acceptable by the society. The liberal education graduates in the world today should be able to solve issues that arise in the society. As the world becomes more dynamic, a lot of changes are proposed and they may not be accepted by all the people in the society according to their believes and view points. Liberal education graduates would be of great value to articulate the issue and present the best recommendations for the different sides to accept each other. Make important democratic choices: Conant notes that liberal education has an impact on making democratic choices. According to him, people who have studied liberal education are likely to analyze political leaders to determine whether they are good for them or they are not. Their understanding of societal issues and people as well as great communication skills help them to understand the leaders thereby determining whether they are capable of addressing the societal issues or not. In that regard, liberal education would be important for the well being of the society.