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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic starbucks market review. In fact, millions of people around the world buy the company’s products because of the visibility and richness of the brand. It would be misleading to argue that the company sells the best coffee in America, let alone the world. There are probably thousands of coffeehouses that sell better coffee than Starbucks, but the business has ensured that it remains the most recognizable out of a multitude of competitors.Starbucks represents what a successful differentiation focus approach should be. The company’s differentiation strategy is aimed at providing premium products to high-end customers who do not care about price if the product is high-quality. Starbucks is, in essence, a premium, focused selection retailer that sells different coffee and tea brands to consumers who love those products at a premium price. It makes thorough use of this strategy and focuses most of its marketing and advertising efforts to making this approach work (Akdeniz, 2014). Having affirmed its position as the market leader in superior coffee, the company does not see the need to adopt aggressive marketing techniques similar to its competitors. Instead, it has embraced niche marketing and word-of-mouth advertising to stand out from the competition. This is still part of its differentiation strategy. if it wants to look unique it must be distinct at all levels.Starbucks does not employ intensive marketing strategies that make it look “desperate” for customers because consumers who know premium coffee do not need prodding to be part of the culture. Since its establishment, Starbucks has stuck to this mantra religiously, and this is what has given it an air of exclusivity that other brands lack. The target market has only served to reinforce this strategy, and it is worth noting that the company has not changed its target market since it started operations (Hess, 2013). Within the first decade of operations, the company had already firmly entrenched its philosophy.