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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on psychology: growth and development Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! This is likely to affect her both psychologically and mentally and she may end up failing more classes until she is demoralized. Counselling her ensures that she is able to anticipate what will be coming her way from her peers in the course of her pregnancy and how she should protect herself from such challenges.The major influence in her life in both school and home should provide a very welcoming attitude to her. This prevents stress and depression which is very prevalent among adolescent pregnancies. Stress and depression will lead to unhealthy development of the babe which can have a wide range of negative outcomes ranging from headaches, excessive bleeding to death. The girl should have easy access to basic needs and support which are needed by pregnant women. This involves access to prenatal health care. She should be taken to a doctor who will examine her condition and the nature of her pregnancy. Some pregnancies are at high risk while others are normal. Based on the nature of the pregnancy, the doctors will be able to advise her on the right way to take care of herself. The teachers should also play an active role in the support of this girl’s education. Pregnancy is a very hard time for such a young girl. Teachers should support her adequately as she seems to be a weak student who can give up very easily.Some types of environmental factors would hinder the healthy development of this girl. The development of a pregnant teenager would be hindered by stress and depression from her external surroundings. With stress, there is even possible that she can have a cramping or excessive bleeding that can lead to miscarriage. The environment with physical stress can lead to many complication and stress need to be eliminated completely from her life. The environment with pollution, chemical, toxin and radiation can cause fetal damage in pregnant women. Her atmosphere should not have any allergy-causing substance as pregnant women are delicate to such things. The environment should not have pollen grains, dust and smoke and such environment can cause rasher, shortness in breath, nausea or dizziness. A pregnant would need to have lot of fresh air and lack of it can lead to many problems for both mother and baby.