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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on System Design Using UML. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Generally, patterns deal with how responsibilities are located in the object classes. They also indicate how objects should interact in addition to the duties of class categories. Different tried-and-proved design problem solutions can be-and have been-indicated as good-practice heuristics, patterns, or principles. The principles and patterns are referred to as formulas for problem-solution that gives codes for exemplary design standards. This report will illustrate how patterns and principles have been applied in system development and what is required to come to improve the finished prototype.Firstly, the design of the Use Case diagram is very good. The system users have been properly identified and assigned use cases in line with the attendance monitoring systems. The lecturers, students, and system administrators’ roles are properly outlines and connections described to help in the effective monitoring of the system.Secondly, the state chart for the attendance module needs amendment. That is, module presentation should be located on the “: UserGUI” instead of “: AttendanceSystemController”. For an effective attendance system control, the controllers need to get access and modify the presented module. Their responsibility is to manipulate and make changes to the presented module by displaying the attendance report. The other sections (Module, User, and Attendance) are properly modeled.Thirdly, the sequence diagram has followed the principles and patterns needed for a good design of the UML model. The report generation procedure has been well catered for considering the process it takes for the information entered by the user, through the system, to be displayed on the database. The User, System, and Database elements have been properly designed. However, one section that has been left out on the design of the sequence diagram is error reporting.