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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on exhibition analysis Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Her tremendous work in the field has made a reputed place of her and is now considered as the prime British artist of three-dimensional artworks.Susan Stockwell, another big gun in the industry has a prominent and well-known position in the field of arts. The themes of her artworks are quite different from the usual artists as she addresses politics, ecology, migration, identity, and technology. She has received numerous awards due to her magnificent services in the field. Her trademark motifs explain a lot of things which we neglect in our daily life. She utilizes recycled computer elements and other everyday stuff as her trademark signal which gives a silent message, To Whom It May Concern. Exhibitions of both these artists give a strong message to the art lovers.The vendor at Bloomberg has been given a special task to Hannah Sawtell. The exhibition would be the first solo project of the artist. Hannah is also presenting her work in the ICA Oscillator. The exhibition is basically of video works and installation marks, opening of a new horizon in the field. The experience of Hannah at Bloomberg became the backbone to have an exhibition (Lindley, 2012).The artwork she developed during her stay at Bloomberg is being presented in the respective exhibitions. Bloomberg providing the space for exhibition is also a big career step for her. The artistic artwork of Hannah is also beneficial for advertising purposes. Technological advancement depiction is the name of the game in her primary artwork (Mousse, 2012).(Bloomberg, 2012) Hannah has been making a very useful source of the internet and was constantly gathering vital information from the internet. In the past few months, she had a reputed collection of the digital realm. During her stay at Bloomberg, she also took live screenshots images to cover all the aspects of her future endeavors. Her vision has brought a new aspect in the field of arts as she has got herself into the next level of image production.Contemporary material and surfaces have been the key element behind the development phase. The categorization of images is splendid as she has precisely made adequate usage of the resources and the invasions of new objects have created a lighthearted dialectical encounter. The expressions are impressive and commendable (Lindley, 2012).