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Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: The Act of Valor. The reasons why despite being an action film, the film talks about much of the honesty present in the film unlike any of the other action films, is because the directors have linked it to the experiences and military stories. The techniques and the methods that are used to shoot the film add to the beauty of the film that can be seen by the viewers. Action movies are all about sound and visual effects, and the events covered in the Act of Valor show the true experiences that convinced many of the IS militants and their true experiences and stories.The film was shot in 5D which was just the right use of the form for this type of film. The film was segmented well and showed all the scenes perfectly. The storyline and the theme of the film allowed it to compliment the actors and the storyline in 5D to make it much more enticing for the viewer. The action, graphics, shooting and other features involved in the film were displayed in 5D that eventually increased the impact of the film on the viewer, along with the catchy story, a viewer can simply be dragged into the film until it ends.The film has just been placed in the right way and has been directed even better than any action film. The cinematography of the film and the plot is a combination of excellent features and techniques shown that they attract the viewer into the film. The screenplay and the graphical effects that needed to be used in such a film are perfectly combined with each frame that compliments the overall film. The directors know exactly which scene should be framed after which and how it has to be shot. With the great actors used, the film turned out to be a masterpiece technically and critically.Some of the sequences from the movie seemed to be critically out of focus, and this would be a point where most of the viewers would lose their attention. However, the plot and the storyline being consistent would keep their attention to the film and the events taking place.&nbsp.&nbsp.