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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the nuclear reactors. This group of scientists introduced the conception of radioactivity bombardments via uranium that synthesized barium residue—this residue resulting from nuclear fission (Moltz, Orlov & Stulberg,&nbsp. 2004).Further studies just before WWII postulated that various neutrons could be emitted during the fission, giving a chain reaction in the nuclei. Due to the Second World War triggered by Axis powers, military scientists of Allied forces worked very hard to detonate a bomb using nuclear energy. The Pile-1 became the first human-made atomic reactor assembled at the University of Chicago. This reactor was wooden and sustained by the blockings of graphite implanted with oxides of the uranium.Sooner, other nucleic reactors were developed primarily to manufacture weapons of mass destruction (nuclear weapons). Besides the initial use of nucleic reactors, there were other ambitions to pursue atomic energy usage (Olsson & Aasen, 2009). This furthered the spread of the technology about reactors to other institutions and worldwide. However, nuclear energy has been put into different uses: power generation, ship propulsion, radiotherapy, and weapons production.Nuclear reactor operations The reactors change the thermionic energy from nucleic fission in the power plants to generate power that is used for home appliances and industrial development. When the nuclei of the radioactive elements, such as uranium, suck up neutrons via nucleic fission, causing the splitting of the heart into smaller seats, thus generating energy, Y-rays, and extra neutrons (Olsson &Aasen,2009). Segments of the remaining neutrons are later absorbed via other atomic particles, which then elicit the radioactivity to be a continuous process.Secondly, the thermonuclear plant’s radioactive elements may start to thaw due to the breaching of element cladding, such as uranium, among others (To,&nbsp.2013). Other failures may cause the radioisotopes to infringe on the control (Nuclear Energy Agency, 2003). The superheated water into steam and the metallic element in the core permits coolant reactions (Immell,&nbsp.2014).