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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on chemical waste disposal. Having said that, his effort to provide information about the main methods is pretty commendable. I think he manages to correctly introduce the topic of waste management. He explains why we need waste management-for conservation of our environment. Methods like recycling are perhaps the best method for waste management. Further, water pollution can mainly be controlled through sewage treatment. Besides these methods solid waste management is a very important aspect to waste management since solid waste is generally ignored and it has been piling up over the years creating havoc in our environment.The author mentions the need for renewable energy. However, it is only related to the conservation of the environment and most would not consider it related to waste management. But I think the writer is clever enough to realize it as a secondary method to waste management. Since the use of renewable energy sources would mean less use of conventional energy sources like coal and hence there will be less waste that is produced by conventional energy sources.The reason I mention this article here is that this article is a very optimistic article among all the pessimistic views that we hear daily. The article does provide good basic information but it could have been better.article. He is not just able to mention why exactly we need to look for a method for waste management but in choosing to write about perhaps the newest technology of waste management he has saved the both his time and the time of the reader, directly jumping on the possible solution to the problem.&nbsp.