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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Conduct Disorder. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. Though there are very few set causes of conduct disorder, child abuse, poverty, and family conflicts have been associated with the onset of the disorder. Conduct disorder contains quite a few signs of psychopathology in both its development in a person and the aftermath, which encompasses the lack of empathy and remorse that a sufferer of conduct disorder experiences. Mental illness and stress play a role in the developing of conduct disorder, especially if previous and current abuse is involved (Quay, 1999). Depression is the most common mental disease that can have a part in conduct disorder. Children and adolescents depend on coping techniques to get them through various obstacles and hardships in their lives. Without these techniques, they often succumb to depression, as well as various degrees of stress. Depression and stress are not only results of conduct disorder, but they are also factors that can onset the disorder. These mentally-focused disorders and illnesses can cause young people to act out in ways that go against societal norms. There are many mental disorders that can cause a child or teenager to act out violently and recklessly. Parent psychopathology also plays a role in the increased risk of a child developing conduct disorder. Maternal depression, paternal alcoholism, and criminal or antisocial behavior in either parent have been directly linked to conduct disorder. In some cases, mothers who have been diagnosed with depression often view their children’s behavior as being inappropriate, which can cause the child to begin to behave in such ways. Their constant defiance towards their mother’s behavior increases the more that they implement it, thus developing conduct disorder. Conduct disorder can often be confused or mistaken with a variety of other mood or behavioral&nbsp.disorders.&nbsp.