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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic spirituality and health. Spirituality is often confused with religion. Many researchers define it in the context of being connected or belonging to the universe. It means the craving of mankind to seek personal truths and also the search for a purpose and meaning in life. Furthermore, spirituality entails the demand to investigate both visible and invisible aspects of the universe. This is founded on the fact that a person has an internal relationship between the individual and the divine. Consequently, this element of human life makes an individual encounter boundless love, therefore advancing to a high level of wholeness. Historically, negativism was projected towards spirituality because it was regarded as being synonymous with religion. To distinguish spirituality from religion is easy. The former takes into account the direct experiences of the latent higher consciousness inside a person. On the other hand, every religion has got its own foundation that had to do with the spiritual experience with a spiritual master. Consequently, people began to follow the teachings of this master only after they were consolidated and stored in the form of doctrines. The beliefs and strength obtained through religion contribute to the well-being of a person. The well-being of a person constitutes the health of such an individual. However, it should be noted that spiritual nourishment barely contributes to the curing of illnesses. It only helps to make a person feel better. Most often, mental health is linked to spirituality.&nbsp. With this regard, meditations and prayers enhance the mental wellness of a person, thereby contributing to the health of a person. When a person receives proper is properly nourished from a spiritual perspective, he or she can avoid illnesses that would otherwise be inevitable. Additionally, a spiritually well person is capable of coping with stress arising out of illness and even the death of loved ones. Spirituality and health have one common goal, which is the alleviation of the emotional suffering of human beings models that are widely used to justify the interrelations that are prominent between the two concepts.