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Read the following 1-page White Paper from Verint about Customer Experience. Notice specifically the scenario that is described in the section titled “The CX Value Chain Framework”. This type of interaction between a customer and a phone agent is quite common and likely elicits memories and emotions of previous (hopefully positive, but probably negative) similar interactions we have all had with organizations. Sometimes it’s due to legacy technology as in the White Paper example (we will discuss this more in depth in the next module), but it can also be just a lack of overall focus by the organization/culture on creating superior customer interactions.Customer Experience Scenario.pdfActionsFor this assignment, write a 1-2 page memo (paragraph format) describing a memorable customer service interaction you have had recently. It could have taken place over the phone or in person. This is your opportunity to vent about a horrible experience OR gush about a superior service interaction, but we are going to do so within the realm of our learning about forever transactions and CRM/CX. Remember, this is different from the week one assignment in that here I would like you to specifically address the interaction (touchpoint) with the service/customer agent, not just the product or service itself. Specifically, address the following in your written memo:1) What was it about this customer service interaction/experience that was memorable? Was it positive or negative? Why?2) What type(s) of touchpoints were utilized by the organization with you as a customer both prior to and during the interaction? Were they effective? Why or why not?3) Will you recommend dealing with this business in the future? Why or why not? How did they succeed or fail at creating a member mindset in their use of touchpoints/interactions?4) What could the organization improve about its customer experience (specifically its agent interactions) and/or touchpoints from your perspective that would ultimately lead them further down the path toward developing a forever transaction?Rubric