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Need help with my writing homework on The Effects of the Processing Levels on the Capability to Recall Words. Write a 1250 word paper answering; The learning process involves the ability of people to recall various materials by enhancing the processing of information. The capability for individuals to recall information is mainly based on the processing of the information which is presented into their memory (Eysenck, 2012). The process of learning is critical in determining the presence of learning disorders among different individuals. Understanding the impact of the level of processing on the cognitive skills of individuals can enhance e the proper administration of interventions which are aimed at ensuring that learning disorders are overcome.The cognitive skills which people gain are based on the level of processing that is experienced by the persons involved in the learning process. Different levels of processing in which learners are exposed have different capabilities in enhancing information processing. The capability to recall information becomes critical to individuals as they learn a new language and seek to improve their behavior. The cognitive skills of individuals must be understood in order to ensure that information processing becomes developed to enable learning to occur. The process involves the individual becoming able to recall things that have been taught.The level of processing effect describes the memory recall which enables people to be able to learn through a mental process of deep thought on various stimuli which they are exposed to. Memory strength has been identified as something variable and is influenced by various attributes of the individuals. Within the learning environment, the strength of memory is affected by these variable factors which become critical in enhancing the learning capability. It has been argued that rehearsal results in an inevitable memory improvement in the long-term (Rhodes & Anastasi, 2000).