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Need help with my writing homework on Manufacturing of Automotive Piston. Write a 1750 word paper answering; One wants to improve the efficiency of a piston, one should select a piston design that creates turbulence and, in so doing, improves the mixing of fuel and air.Once one has the right design ready, the next step is to select the suitable materials that will be used to manufacture the desired piston. The decision on the materials to be used largely depends on the knowledge of the conditions in which the piston will be expected to operate and also, the properties that the manufacturer requires the piston to have. A piston basically functions as a moving plug within the bore of the combustion chamber. The piston, together with the combustion chamber, cylinder head, and the piston rings seal the combustion gas and after ignition, transfers the combustion pressure to the rotating crankshaft through the connecting rod and the piston pin. In two-stroke engines, the piston serves as a valve that facilitates the transfer of gasses.When the engine is running, the piston is exposed to gasses at high temperatures and is expected to reciprocate at high speeds along the bore of the cylinder. The material used to manufacture a piston should therefore have high strength because enhanced strength will enable the piston not only to withstand the high gas temperatures but to work well within the high temperatures. If the manufacture desires to design an engine with high power output, the manufacturer needs to produce the piston using a material that is light and durable. The piston should also be designed with a material that is capable of handling the increased stress on the piston which increases due to the piston’s lightweight. As the engine is switched on, the combustion process heats up the piston and rapidly expands its diameter. This expansion in diameter is likely to interfere with the engine’s operation in more ways than one.&nbsp.