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Need help with my writing homework on Acoustic Method for Detecting Partial Discharge. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Partial discharge in electrical technology is defined as a dielectric breakdown of an electrical insulation system under conditions like high voltage that leads to a breakdown of the gap between two conductors separated by the dielectric space. Unlike corona discharges that are visible in the form of a luminous glow, partial discharges that occur within insulation systems cannot be seen by the naked eye.Such electrical insulation systems are tested for the presence of partial discharges to evaluate their conditions. Common electrical components like transformers and power cables are tested for partial discharge as part of a quality assessment framework. In fact, the detection of partial discharge is a common practice adopted by electrical manufacturers across the world since the 1980s. Testing for partial discharge is necessary to improve the quality and reliability of electrical systems, as it has been cited as one of the primary reasons for the failure of electrical systems (Bengtsson, 2003). The presence of partial discharge indicates partial damage to the insulation that can lead to speaking effects along the insulation surface. Thus, detecting partial discharge helps in the identification of flaws like cracks and voids where there is a maximum probability of electrical stresses that can lead to a breach of the insulation.The analysis of partial discharge can be carried out using several predictive tests that identify any degradation of the insulation before such a condition leads to the damage of the system. Such testing can further be carried out in standard operating conditions and does not require any special arrangements. Zhiqiang, (2004) says that typical methods of detection include acoustic, electrical, and chemical techniques that do not affect the insulation system. Besides, all these methods for detection can be undertaken at reasonable costs and thus find widespread acceptance in the industry.