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Need an research paper on the primary objectives of information security. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. The information may have been stored in any form. For example, it may be in printed form. stored in files and documents. saved on the computers’ hard disks. shown on videotapes. and, transmitted by post, email, or any other physical or electronic means. Organizations very rightly plan to invest in information security so as to protect themselves against competitive disadvantage and criminal access to confidential information (Layton 2006). Companies and corporations need to secure their information shared with their consumers to cope up with the delicate and sensitive business environment. A company’s sensitive information is at stake more due to the illiteracy of the authorized staff, which handles the information, regarding information security. The secret business data can always be disclosed, altered and misused due to information security illiteracy.Designing an information security policy is the first and the foremost step towards the implementation of information security (Peltier, 2004). It is vital for a company or an organization to design and implement a security policy regarding the protection of information before starting sensitive projects. Danchev (2003, p. 3) states that: The first step towards enhancing a company’s security is the introduction of a precise yet enforceable security policy, informing staff on the various aspects of their responsibilities, general use of company resources and explaining how sensitive information must be handled. The policy will also describe in detail the meaning of acceptable use, as well as listing prohibited activities.A security policy acts as a centralized crucial document that will help in eliminating the risk of security breaches by securing the confidential information stores from getting disclosed to unauthorized persons. It defines the importance of a company’s information assets and lays out guidelines on how these assets are to be secured.