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If you chose Poetry:Choose a passage that shows the presence of the poem’s theme. How are specific literary elements present that show the theme?Use references from the text to explain and support and your point.For example, if you state the the colors in Shakespeare’s sonnet represent his passion for his love and help develop the theme that love is eternal, then you must discuss the meaning of those colors and show how they create Shakespeare’s message. Examples from the sonnet should be followed by a citation like this (Shakespeare).NOTE: Using outside websites is not permitted. Turnitin will check your work. If content from the internet is located in your response, you will not receive credit for your work. Rather than rely on the internet, consider emailing me questions about what you read and emailing me what you’ve written to have it checked. To ensure you receive a reply, do not wait until the due date to ask for help.Requirements: Your submission must be 200+ words in length. “Direct quotes” from the text do NOT count as part of the 200+ words, but paraphrasing ideas into your own words WILL count. Utilize a minimum of 2 different examples from the text to prove your ideas. Every example should be followed by a (citation).