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I need some assistance with these assignment. wireless keyboard for select mac computers vs sculpt comfort desktop wireless usb keyboard Thank you in advance for the help! It allows the user to be comfortable while using it due to its thirty-foot wireless range.2 This means that a user can control, their IPad, Mac or even Apple TV while seated.Automatic power down – the keyboard runs on 2 AA batteries and has the ability to enter into sleep mode when it is not being actively used. To return into full power, all a user has to do is press any button. The keyboard also comes with a power button that can be manually switched off during long hours of inactivity.3Responsive keys – a user can avoid keying fatigue by adjusting the position of the keyboard and it will fit in almost all areas. In addition, one can also access volume controls and launch pads by using function keys.Appearance: the keyboard usually comes in two colors. white or silver. They are uniquely made to bring out the sufficient aesthetics as Apple previous and current products. It has a modern look that also speaks of what Apple’s future products will be.5 The overall appearance is sleek, clean and simple.Feel: it has a good feel on the hand, a beautiful outlay and a very soft texture that compliments the whole design. It has a sophisticated feel that makes the user seem to have a superior taste in gadgets.Function / Performance: the keyboard works perfectly well with all the devices it can synchronize with. The performance is effective and optimized for these devices, the outstanding thing about the functions and the performance is that these the keyboard synchronizes just fine with these devices.6 It does not take a computer conversant user a lot of time to learn how to use this device.Ergonomics: the keyboard happens to be light enough to be carried around by the user. It is also a standard size therefore. it fits perfectly on the laps of the user who is utilizing it from a couch, or a substantial distance. It also fits well on a desktop when the typing is being done here.