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I need some assistance with these assignment. unit 3 proposal designs discussion Thank you in advance for the help! Before selecting the funding source of an organization, one should examine if the organization under consideration has enough funds to fund the various programs of a non-governmental organization. Where examining this aspect, it is important for the grant seeker to analyze what are the sources of these organizations funds, i.e. does the organization gets its funds in a legal manner, or does it get its funds in an illegal manner. If it gets the funds in a legal manner, how much can the organization give the grant seeker, if his or her applications are successful? This is important for the grant seeker, because he or she will be able to quote a reasonable amount of money, in which the organization can afford to give (Karsh and Fox, 2009). The grant seeker can quote a large amount of money that the organization might be unable to provide. For example, an institution such as the Melinda and Bill Gates foundation gives from a few hundred to millions of dollars in terms of grants. On this basis, a grant seeker might not be limited on the amount of money that he or she will ask (Gregory, 2013).Another issue that the grant seeker needs to analyze is the mission and vision of the organization. In seeking sources of funds, the grant seeker has to look if the funding organization under consideration provides funds for the activities or services that it engages in. For example, a grant seeker whose mission is to serve people in the agricultural field cannot seek for funds in an institution that provides funds for religious activities such as the Mustard Seed Foundation. It is a guarantee that the Mustard Seed Foundation won’t approve of their requests (Moore, 2010). However, if he or she applies for funds from institutions such as the Melinda and the Bill Gates foundation, chances are high that he or she may get the funds.Another issue to look at is the application process, and the period upon which the applications are made. For example, the Monsanto fund requires that all funds must supported by a realistic goal, and it must have the descriptions of the project. This is in case the grant seeker needs to achieve success in his or her application. The Monsanto Fund is so serious about the quality of an applicant’s proposal, to an extent that it has given some tips on how to write a good application/proposal (Zunz, 2012). Response to Roberts Discussion:Roberts identifies the mission and vision of an organization as an issue that he will consider when choosing a source of fund. This is an issue that I will also consider, and this is because an organization will only fund an issue that is in line with its mission and vision. Another issue that Roberts agrees with me is the amount of money that the institution offers. This will make the grant seeker not to apply for a large amount of money, that the institution cannot afford, or too little money. Roberts further denotes that he would seek for the guidelines and the time frame of applying for the grant. The issues that Robert identifies are similar to mine, but the only difference is the priority he gives them and he does not factor in the manner in which these organizations raise their money. In importance, Roberts first identifies the mission of the organization, the amount of money the organization can offer, and the guidelines of applying for the fund. Response to Joenella Discussion: Joenella denotes that before looking for funds, she will analyze if her organization can raise the money through other channels apart from looking for grants. If it is unable to raise money from these other sources, then she will have to look at the mission of the company. This will help her to identify whether the organization can fund her activities. This clearly agrees with my approach and that of Roberts. Organizations will only fund a project that is in line with their mission and vision. However, Joenella discussion does not include the application process of requesting for the grants. This should be included in her approach.References:Gregory, J. (2013). Bill and Melinda Gates. New York: Childrens Press. Karsh, E., & Fox, A.S. (2009). The only grant-writing book you’ll ever need. New York, NY: Basic Books. Moore, J. R. (2010). A practical guide to international philanthropy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Zunz, O. (2012). Philanthropy in America: a history. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press.