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I need some assistance with these assignment. article review of the social order and violent disorder: an analysis of north carolina in the revolution and the civil war Thank you in advance for the help! Article Review of The Social Order and Violent Disorder: An Analysis of North Carolina in the Revolution and the Civil WarThis article goes an extra mile to explain how the two approaches recommended by Eckstein can be used to explain the complicated reasons for the violence. It explains the two approaches separately as the structural and the behavioral hypotheses. The structural hypotheses explain the general characteristics the society exhibits that can explain the reason for internal war. The behavioral hypotheses on the other hand discuses the society’s perception and studies how the social circumstances were tolerable at a particular place and time, but could not be tolerated somewhere else leading to war. The authors however do not seem to have their points well spelt out. On top of that, the thesis is stated half way into the paper while according to the standard format, the thesis should be at least somewhere at the beginning of the paper so that a reader can have a clear understanding of what the author wants to focus on. In addition, there seems to be several points of focus and not just one particular point that one can point out as the main thesis. Apart from that, the paper does not seem to have a flow as the points appear mixed up and one has to keep jumping bits on the paper in order to understand the points the authors are trying to outline. In their explanations, especially on the hypotheses stated by the quoted author, they focused on one reference, which should not be the case since the author might have a biased view.