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I need my nonresearch essay to be reviewed, I already have the word document ready Write an essay about 1000 words long in which you argue that a particular behavior is wrong or right. You can choose your own topic for this essay, but there are a few restrictions.First, you cannot write about abortion, assisted suicide, or capital punishment (these topics are worn out).Second, you cannot invoke God or religion in support of your argument (it’s wonderful to have faith, but faith cannot be argued logically).Third, you cannot base your argument on personal taste (for instance, I don’t much like horror movies, but I can’t argue that they’re bad unless I can prove they may do harm).Fourth, you cannot do research for this essay. Your arguments must be based on observation and logic. Look around you. Focus on something you’ve seen yourself, maybe even something common, and either prove that it’s problematic or defend it. If you don’t know enough about your topic, change your topic. I’m interested in your arguments, not other people’s arguments. The most important aspect of your topic will be its relevance. If your readers already agree with you, your essay won’t be as interesting or useful for them. For instance, if you wanted to argue that murder is wrong, you’d have to work pretty hard to find readers who need to be convinced, making that a bad topic for an essay. I recommend choosing something more ordinary and making your reader see it in a new way through careful logic. Check out this sample essay to help guide you as to the scope of this kind of essayFifth, choose a topic for which you can provide plenty of vivid, specific examples to persuade your reader.I will look for the following qualities in your finished essay:rigorous logic and careful explanationseffective refutation of at least one counterargumentvivid, specific, interesting examples to support your ideasan effective introduction that hooks the reader and leads them smoothly to your thesis statementa thesis statement at the end of your intro that clearly states the claim you are makingtopic sentences that state claims for each paragraphbody paragraphs that stay on topic and have the appropriate proportion of ideas and detailsan effective conclusion which cleaves the reader thoughtfuleffective transitions to connect paragraphs and the points within themcorrect and concise diction, grammar, and punctuationan interesting an relevant titlecorrect formatting