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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Effectiveness of Sex Offender Interventions. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Before sentencing of sexual offenders, psychological interventions must be carried out to determine the mental fitness of the offender when committing the crime. however, these interventions have usually been accepted without anyone questioning their effectiveness (Brooks-Gordon, Bilby & Wells, 2006, p452). A number of studies have been carried out in regard to psychological interventions, these studies included randomised controlled trials involving 567 male offenders. among those, follow up was conducted for a 231 of them for ten years (Harris, Scott & Helmus, 2007, p123). The findings of these trials found out that the behavioural treatment therapies were usually too little to provide any meaningful information. however, it was also found out that there was a noteworthy improvement in some of the sexual offenders who underwent the treatment. Cognitive behavioural group therapy was found to reduce the rates of individuals committing the offence for a second time. this was especially manifest among child offenders within one year of the offence as compared to the normal standard care (Borduin, Schaeffer & Heiblum, 2009, p26). However, despite the child sexual offenders showing improvements after cognitive behavioural group therapy, they had the worst attitudes during treatment as compared to transtheoretical counselling group therapy.Information that is available as a result of randomised and controlled trials does not provide full information especially regarding the repeat sexual offenders, where the repeated offence can mean any form of crime (Letourneau et al, 2009, p89). The reason&nbsp.for repeat offences has always been pointed to failed treatment since offenders who complete the whole process of therapy are less likely to be involved in repeat offences and when they do, the offence in most cases is less serious compared to the initial offence. this is in comparison to those who have not achieved the level required in dealing with their psychological issues.&nbsp.