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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Drug Use in the College and Work Environment. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Even though statistics implore that marijuana, use may increase the risk of academic and performance problems, in the business world, Steve Jobs and Carl Sagan and many hosts of others have never had academic problems or lapse in their enterprise despite their use of marijuana (Flowers 98). Whether smoking marijuana and taking beer brings irresponsibility in someone, is a theorem that should not apply to discriminate those who are on the positive side of it.According to one of the students in Preston college, marijuana smoker (Jonny Green), smoking weed makes a student languish in memory as a stereotype. His perception towards that notion is that this was the biggest pet peeves he had to deal with. Many of the college mates could always presume that they were more intelligent than he could manage. His example serves to exonerate weed smokers that in the workplace, college students can as well be successful (Flowers 95). This allegation, of him being less intelligent, arose simply because he continuously smoked throughout his course time in college. On the side of the colleagues, the fact that they did not smoke marijuana made them more intelligent (Gardner, John, Jeweler, and Betsy 167). One would want to refute this claim from the colleagues since as much as one has never smoked weed, that may not be a universal observation that all and sundry are intelligent. What comes to those who are less intelligent and they have neither seen nor smoked weed? The same aspect arises in Jonny’s case study and his history of smoking weed. This may not serve as a conclusion that all who have smoked marijuana during their school days have graduated as the most intelligent (Malone 88). A college student, who manages to successfully scale the ladders of his studies and pass with a high mark, should still faceless restriction as to his use of marijuana or alcohol in his business world. Like the earlier proposition, personality influences a lot, the idea of drugs taking (Trevouledes 107).