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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Embedded Formative Assessment of a World Literature Class. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Janet Coffey, ‎Rowena Douglas, ‎Carole Stearns in their 2008 publishing, Assessing public learning, their major point that they put into consideration is that this kind of assessment assist a teacher in the determination of the content and knowledge that a student has grasped and is capable of giving back in the right way during the testing (Heidi, 2010).In the book, Formative Assessment: Responding to Your Students by Harry G., it is taken that this kind of assessment can as we are perceived as part of the normal classes. It is important to highlight that this book explains that the test will assist the teacher in making the student confident and familiar with the testing and skills required in writing the exams (Wiliam, 2011).From the first chart, it can be clearly noted that the first chart contained the data that is for the student scores in the standardized test. The data was collected was in percentage as it is in the chart. The first student had the highest score to be 62.50% which was the first test that was done by the class and the lowest as 61.73% which was the third standardized test that was done by the student. The mean aggregate of the student from the given results can be seen as 62.50%. This is average student performance in the standardized test. The second student had very good performance based on the given results. It is clearly seen from the given data that the lowest grade that the student got was 84.10% and the highest mark that the student got was 87.50%. Considering this it can be clearly seen that the range in&nbsp.the student performance was 3.4% while the student average means when all the marks are put into account comes to 85.39%. This is a commendable performance in a student and the student should be assisted formal the sides by the stakeholders in attaining the quality grades (Ecclestone, 2010).&nbsp.