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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Corporate Culture and Corporate Identity with Special Reference to the Hotel Restaurant. It needs to be at least 2000 words. Corporate identity is linked with the brand and image of the organization, and hence it is expected to directly impact the revenues and capitalization of the organization. As such, there is a need to understand and assess what comprises of corporate culture and corporate identity and how the two can be assessed and even perfected. This need is even more significant in the case of service-intensive organizations like the hotels and the restaurants, as the customers largely form their opinions about the organization on the basis of their interactions with the staff. The current research is therefore aimed at analyzing the corporate culture and corporate identity at hotel Erbprinz in Germany. The research was conducted using both secondary and primary methods. An exhaustive literature survey was undertaken where numerous books, journals, articles, and databases like spring link, emerald, and Bosco, etc, were used to collect the basic material for the review. The primary research was conducted using the interview method and selecting the Director of Erbprinz as the respondent. Some of the conclusions derived from the interview findings are as follows. Corporate Culture is the set of values, attitudes, and behaviors that the owners of the organization expect the employees to cherish and follow. Organizational Culture is the set of values, attitudes, beliefs that the employees of the organization share. Corporate Identity is the way the organization is positioned in the minds of its stakeholders – customers, partners, competitors, and employees. Corporate culture and Organizational Culture both impact upon the Corporate identity of an organization. There is a basic difference between Corporate Culture and Organizational Culture. While Corporate Culture is the outcome of the vision and mission of the organization as envisioned by the owners/founders, Organizational Culture is the result of the complex interaction between the employees. Corporate Culture can be deduced from the organization’s&nbsp.vision and mission statements.