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DISCUSSION: Proposed Social Issues Topics and News Links1212 unread replies.1212 replies.This semester, you will research a social issue. For our purposes, a social issue is a problem that affects a number of people within a society. A social issue is typically one that people want to try and solve. Importantly, social issues are “issues” because people have different perspectives on them and different opinions about them. Examples of social issues include low voter turn-out in America,  charter schools as alternatives to other public schools, and the low wages of essential workers.What you should chooseAn issue that is important to you.IMPORTANT: an issue you have personal experience with. (Project 1)An issue that you’ve seen differing opinions about. (Project 2)An issue you’ve seen discussed on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.What you should not chooseAn issue that you feel too strongly to talk about in an academic way (i.e., it makes you too mad or upset to talk about).You have personal experience with the issue, but you don’t want to share it with the group (you will have to).An issue that is too broad , such as race. A more specific issue would be race and healthcare in America.There are a few issues that are off limits in this class: religion, abortion, sexually explicit topics, topics that advocate violence, and topics that argue against the humanity of your classmates. I have a number of reasons for these topics being off limits, but the most important reason is that most are unsuccessful for completing class assignments and having collegial discussions.ImportantWhen you write about social issues in this course, you are to do so in a collegial manner. This means that you are respectful of other students, you make reasoned arguments, and your tone is serious. What to doUse this discussion to post a proposed social issue (or two) for research into a social issue. Please write the following:1. A short paragraph of at least 5 sentences stating the issue.2.A short paragraph of at least 5 sentences stating some of the differing perspectives on the issue. 3. Two news links about the issue, each covering a different perspective. Summarize each news links in a couple of sentences