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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the military child. The requirements for military members, as well as their families, are not only becoming complex but are turn out to increase every day. During the deployment program, most children become vulnerable and in most cases, their inimitable development standpoint is put at risk. Additionally, most children experience emotional anguish during the disjointing period due to comparison. Children have a tendency of comparing themselves with other children. For example. children expect both of their parents to be available for a special occasion like birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, award ceremonies among others (Keller & Decoteau, 2000).A family set up is a very crucial element. Even when there is no war, military children have to deal with the stress associated with frequent absenteeism and frequent moves of their parents. This becomes, even more, when the military members engage in war. There are very rare cases when a military family becomes comfortable even when the whole family is together. In most cases, there is concern, panic, or worry about the safety of the parent. Adolescents in a military family are the most affected due to the added duties and responsibilities. Where the military member is a woman, most families opt to share some duties with female youths. On the other hand, male adolescents take some responsibilities of a man if the man is a military. This addition to family duties may negatively affect the social life of the children as well as their academic life (Britt, Adler, & Castro, 2006).Military families especially the youth are significantly affected by frequent moves by their parents in the course of their duties. The adolescents are even more affected in the case of military deployment to war. The adolescents and entire families face a number of challenges at the time of movement and after the movement. The emotional cycle of the children begins after the news about deployment is released. It begins with a period of intense emotions such as anger and fear. As the time to leave gets close, a period of withdrawal and detachment may occur.