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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Showing Life in Life Church. I paid the church a visit on November 12 and 20. I arrived at the church early and so I had time to look around. The first day I arrived a bit earlier so that I could have a good look around. Since the church was small, I was easily spotted as a new visitor. A young woman recognized me as a visitor and approached me. She introduced herself as Jenna Simons about my visit to the church. I told her that I was new to that place and was visiting the church to do some research on an assignment. She asked about my background and gladly agreed to help. She was a friendly woman who answered my questions patiently. Politely, she invited me to sit with her and asked how I got to know about this church. I explained about my internet research and the assignment which I had to do. She then asked me about my religious beliefs, my perception of Jesus, salvation and the church. I told her that I was a staunch believer of the bible and that, all my beliefs originate from the holy book. We then discussed the concept of salvation. We then decided to pray a short prayer together. She then invited me to visit the church more often. She was glad that she could be of some help to me for my assignment. Moreover, she wholeheartedly asked me to bring my friends along with me the next time, so that they could also get to know about this lively little church. I thanked her for the invitation and said that I would definitely bring my friends if they could make it. The service started with great fervor and I was amazed to see that people were not overdressed, in fact, I saw many people in very casual attire. Even though I had an idea that there was no particular dress code at the church, through my internet research, I did not expect the leaders to be so casually dressed. I quickly registered the reason behind it. One of the main agendas of the church was to ensure uniformity amongst the people.