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Complete 11 pages APA formatted article: Quitting My First Job. My reflection faced the weakness of bringing bitterness or reminder of failure. Such an incident really hurt my pride. I even contemplated taking the easy route of avoiding re-examining entirely, but actions would have prevented my learning and it would lead to perpetually bad choices. Thus, regardless of the pain, the critical examination engenders in me, I realize that it is important to reflect and evaluation of the actions.According to Fabert (2003), a reflective action is different from individuals’ routine actions especially considering that various activities happen in one’s life. Reflection is typically compelling. Given that people learn by experience and from their past mistakes, reflection enables one to base his or her actions on such experiences and mistakes by mostly utilizing the best of the experiences while avoiding the mistakes. The process of reflection involves the need to engage in constant self-appraisal and development. Through the reflective process, I don’t only reflect on the principles of career choice but was also going through changes as I got the feedback of my earlier decisions. Coming from a background of engineering, this was the first time I was critically reflecting on my early career decisions and getting the feedback that was invaluable to the development of my career. In writing this critical reflection, Gibbs’s reflective cycle has been applied to systematically think about the different phases of my experience which will be indicated by the use of headings (Gibbs, 1988). I had struggled with the realization that some of my reflections were simply descriptions of the events that have taken place. The strength of this paper is that the reflection is based on what I can recall from memory and as a result, reflection writing provided me the opportunity to voice out my struggles and achievements. The change of career is something that I have continually wanted to improve upon.