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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Find two articles that are influential in the field of Organizational Development. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT Burnes, B., & Cooke, B. . Review Article: The past, present and future of organizationdevelopment: Taking the long view. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 1395-1429.Organization development involves the deliberate plan to increase the organization’s relevance and viability. It involves the readiness to meet change. The market and the economy are changing first creating the need for organizational restructuring and development. According to Burnes and Cooke, organization development involves minimal to massive changes, which can be effected in order for organization to shape in to the new development. To fit in to the new changes, resulting from market evaluation and political changes, organizations must do away with a certain aspect of management to ensure reduction of overhead costs. In brief, organization development remains the dominant approach to organizational change. Organization development involves changing of the operations of the company to ensure suitability. The past, present and future trends indicate that organizational development still remains the key factor in the enactment of organizational change. Burnes and Cooke argue that the future of organization development is bright owing to the success witnessed in the process.The article is valuable in the evaluation of success and failures of organization development. Since its inception, organization development has been used to change operations within organizations with selected success being achieved. The article evaluates the past [present and future of organization development. Several issues are highlighted which are vital. Change is inevitable in any organization due to changes in the market economy and production. To understand the problem Burnes and Cooke addresses the past, present and future of organization development in the article thus developing a better understanding of organization development.Cacioppe, R. (2000). Creating spirit at work: re-visioning organization development and leadership – Part II. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 110-119.According to Ron Cacioppe, organization development requires the support of the leadership structure to be successful. Organizational change is viewed by employees as a process of laying off workers leading to resistance when organization development is mentioned. The situation can be different if leadership and management encourage employees to participate in the change. The participation cannot be achieved without creativity and team building. Cacioppe addresses issues of leadership in organization development. Leadership development is vital during organizational restructuring. Modern management practices such as vision statement and balance score cards can be realigned to integrate the new operational models. The role of leadership is to develop a spirit at individual and team level to ensure success in the change process. Leaders are expected to motivate and inspire change in the process through several approaches. The major problem of organizational change is the minimal participation of the leaders leading to seclusion.The article by Ron Cacioppe addresses issues that have traditionally been assumed by management on the basis that they cooperate. From the trends established, it is clear that the leadership has an integral role in implementing change within the organization. Many leaders assume that change can be effected without their participation, but the article proves otherwise by clearly stating the need for management participation in the whole process. Participation of the leaders facilitates the development of team work and encourages the spirit of cooperation and teamwork within the organization. Leaders act as agents of change but also act as agents of motivation, therefore. their participation is a must.SummaryThe two articles handle issues of organization development by focusing on the diverse issues in organizational change. Burnes and Cooke highlight the historical changes and expected improvement, of the organization development. The focus of the article is to create understanding of the existing trends in organization development. Cacioppe handles the role of leaders in the implementation of organizational change while encouraging the development of motivation and team spirit. Leaders have a role to play in the change process, but their role was initially overlooked. The two articles handle issues of utmost importance in organization development.ReferenceBurnes, B., & Cooke, B. (2012). Review Article: The past, present and future of organization development: Taking the long view. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 1395-1429.Cacioppe, R. (2000). Creating spirit at work: re-visioning organization development and leadership – Part II. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 110-119.