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Write a 1 page paper on why i want to gain education at monroe college. Currently, I am connected with Delta Airlines as part of the Aviation Operation Department. Although my education was delayed by my job, the working experience taught me discipline and commitment. besides, the jobs were only a means to a higher-end- education. These two values are important to me since I can apply them also in my studies here in Monroe College when I get accepted. I learned about Monroe College when they came to the island where my job was located. The school had some seminar and I immediately got interested. Apparently, the school is welcoming even to non-U.S. citizens like me which is very comfortable to know. The field of interest that I would like to pursue is Information Technology. I chose this field since I am really interested in how computers work as evident in my first job as a computer technician. Moreover, I believe that knowledge in Information Technology can bring an impact to humanity by discovering more systems that will enhance people’s work productivity. Aside from the interest and some set of skills that would help me in pursuing this field, I believe that Monroe Colleges 75 years of teaching excellence would give me the expertise that I am seeking. The certification examinations that the college of Information Technology can give me a head start once I pass them. Good education involves three players: my parents ( who are very supportive), myself ( well-motivated), and the school ( Monroe College). Given these three factors that will probably work together, I am sure that when I become a student at Monroe college, I will seek academic success.&nbsp.