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Write a 1 page paper on briefly describe the elements of the drake equation. are they reasonable why, or why not. Briefly describe the elements of the Drake equation. Are they reasonable? Why, or why not? Make a list of each of the different variables in the Drake equations.Basically, the Drake equation is given by:where N pertains to the number of civilizations that communicate within the Milky Way galaxy. While the R* represents the galaxy’s average rate of star formation per year, other variables consist of the fraction of stars with a planetary system (fp), the number of planets capable of hosting life in a planetary system (ne), fraction of planets that develop life (fℓ), fraction of planets that develop intelligent life in particular (fi), fraction of planets that develop communicating civilization with technology (fc), and the lifetime of advanced civilizations (L). Apparently, though the seven key elements aforementioned are each less certain in estimating the existence of ET intelligence through the formation of stars, they serve as quite reasonable factors of determining at least the possibility that there exist potential regions in the galaxy from which transmitted signals, of logical frequencies, indicate signs of communication. Drake equation may be claimed as reasonable in its setup since the factors that depict the key elements are multiplied with each other so as to present the flexibility of considering the number of developing civilizations within the expanse of the Milky Way. In application of a ‘best estimate’ possible, assuming R* = 7 suns/yr, fp = 0.1, ne = 1.025, fℓ = 0.5, fi = 0.01, fc = 0.3, and L = 10,000, the number of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy is approximately 10.7625. Reference“The Drake Equation.” The Extrasolar Planetary Foundation. 1980 – 2006. Web. 18 Feb 2013. http://www.fennzart.com/planetarysystems/drake_equation.html.