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Write 9 pages with APA style on Alternatives to the Erection of Additional Transmission Lines. The erection of transmission lines is usually a very disadvantageous affair. It is very essential for an alternative means to be sort after. Most power generation sites are usually put up in places far away from the points of consumption of electricity. These are places like riverbanks, seashores, lakesides, and waterfalls. This makes it necessary for the transmission lines to be very long. In this regard, it becomes a very expensive activity to carry out. Considering that the lines also carry high voltages, they are themselves a hub of danger cutting across community land. The lines also hamper transportation in certain areas. In addition, a lot of the generated power is lost in the long transmission lines as heat energy leading to unnecessary loss to the society. It is therefore important where possible to avoid additional transmission lines and employ the use of alternative means.One of the major ways of avoiding the erection of additional transmission lines is the effective management of the mode of consumption of electric energy. This should be aimed at reducing the dependence on electric energy. It should also be aimed at reducing the wastage of electric energy. By so doing, the magnitude of electric power consumed by the community is reduced. In turn, the need to transmit more electric power or install additional transmission lines is alleviated.Effective management of electricity consumption comes at a price. There are various mechanisms that can be employed to ensure that electricity consumption is properly managed. One of the ways of seeing this is the replacement of the high energy consumption bulbs with energy-saving bulbs. Conventional bulbs consume between 75 and 100 Watts each. There are new Light Emitting Diode bulbs that have been developed which consume only 15 watts each. If a machine can be put in place to ensure that every household installs these new bulbs, the energy consumption shall be tremendously reduced.