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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic perspectives on marriage. The issue of household obligations has been a complex one since time immemorial. Even though couples might be determined to share equally household obligations, time in many instances limits their commitment to these obligations. In the past, women have tended to undertake and assume more household responsibilities than men. The conflict which arises stems from the fact that couples dedicate a lot of their time and concentration to work since we are living in a market-driven/propelled world.At home and even at the workplace, men and women should assume household chores and obligations equally. A sixty-hour workweek is recommended for couples who have children (Anderson 9). This is mainly because they will get some free time to mingle and interact with their families. To achieve a balanced allocation of household obligations, couples should take the relevant complex and hard choices which sometimes can lead to painful personal sacrifices. However, in most instances, equality at home is neither mutual nor equal. Nevertheless, couples should try and share household obligations at home. To effectively achieve this, they have to manage their time effectively in addition to balancing work and home needs.I. Betrothal: It is a valid marriage engagement entered into by two people. Betrothal constitutes an impediment to any other marriage. The man primarily forms a correlative right on the woman’s part and hence makes any other betrothal to be a violation of her right.IV. Vetitum ecclesiae: This is a prohibition often imposed by an ecclesiastical power over a person. This impediment only affects the individual’s capacity. The precept is mostly imposed upon an individual to delay marriage until certain conditions are metV. Forbidden times: This impediment rather than affecting marriage itself, it affects the celebration of marriage. The forbidden periods were initially a little longer. However, they were minimized to only two periods. epiphany and low Sunday.The disparity of cult: This acts as an impediment since marriage between a non-baptized individual and a catholic is prohibited.