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Write 10 pages thesis on the topic is hydro generated electricity the best way to generated electricity and compare that between the twin turbines. With the growing concern, for environmental degradation globally, many countries, as well as the international community seek energy sources that are environmentally friendly and sustainable in terms of low carbon footprint. Every day, the world emits carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere, adversely affecting the environment and killing biosystems. Due to the increased production of carbon dioxide globally, it has become imperative to replace the current energy generation technologies with better systems that utilize alternative energies that not only perform better but also do not emit carbon dioxide (Deutch and Lester, 2004). It is apparent that while wind turbines are effective in the production of electricity, hydro generation is the most superior electricity production system. This is with regard to aspects such as price, efficiency, availability, land use, greenhouse gas emissions, limitations, and social impacts. However, through the integration of the two means of electricity generation, it is highly possible to deal with electricity demands all year round and in the most effective and efficient way.Unlike conventional electricity production systems, as well as a few new systems that adversely impact the environment by emitting carbon dioxide, alternative energy sources primarily focus on renewable and natural energies that are effective in terms of environmental sustainability as they substantially low levels of emissions. Moreover, these alternative energies provide significant sources of energy for the regular and efficient generation of electricity. Some of the unsustainable energies used in electricity production include fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Hydro, wind, and solar energies, on the other hand, are viable sources for electricity production. This paper will provide in-depth information on hydroelectricity generation and electricity generation through wind turbines, comparing the two to realize which the best way to generate electricity is. Increased demand for electricity augments the need to find the most effective and sustainable systems of electricity generation.