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Review the information presented in the “General Motor’s Order to Delivery Initiative: A Case Study.” Write 500-750 words addressing the following questions. You are not required to answer these questions in essay format, however you must address each question fully.Discuss what actions Dick can take immediately to help the Mountainview situation.Explain what is needed from General Motors suppliers to enable the order-to-delivery (OTD) initiative to become a reality.Discuss whether you believe the Mountainview situation is representative of General Motors supply chain and other automotive supply chains in general. Include whether this is representative of supply chains in other industries as well. Describe the implications for business-to-business electronic commerce (B2B E-Commerce) and supply chain management practices in general.Describe what General Motors must be able to do across all its internal functions to enable OTD to become a reality (i.e., sales, order entry, dealer offerings, production, logistics, and supply).Define the properties of a possible software solution that may enable General Motors to implement OTD. Explain how General Motors would implement such a system.Determine the types of systems required for increased transparency of the issues in the supply chain.Discuss the type of data that would be important to gather in the given scenario.