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Respond to each classmate 100 words or more Classmate 1Research is a vital solution for achieving success. From my experience as a student, I know that research helps me to better prepare and become more focused on my academic goals. Also, as a Christian, I have come to realize that research provides me with the knowledge to be goal-driven and motivated to seek the truth of God’s plan for my life. In business people research how they can improve their business profit, sales, and customer services. Research helps to increase our understanding as students and business owners. Without research, there will be no need to improve as humans. Research is essential in developing our thinking and ideas. Every successful enterprise was made possible through the ability to research and keep improving. As students, we constantly research to understand our assignment and class discussions. This is necessary because it has a positive impact on our academic growth. It is important for us as Christians to be engaged in the work of thorough research because it prepares our mind to embrace correction and adjust, in other to grow as believers in Christ. Proverbs 10:4 Is a perfect example of the importance of research and being productive. When people put in the effort to be successful, they reap the benefit of their work. This passage teaches that a careless person that is not willing to put in the effort can not be successful. However, a diligent person, who is ready to research and be productive will reap positive benefits. This is pleasing to God because as Christians, our main goal is to keep learning and growing spiritually. Growth and success in any field can only be possible through research and improvement. I am blessed in having this privilege to learn, research, and grow as a Christian and a Business Administration student. Classmate 2As Christians, when we perform research, we should strive to seek out the truth.  As mentioned in the lecture material this week, it is something that God wants us to engage in.  Good research will aid in improving our relationship with him and our day-to-day lives.  We live in a time where our lives are constantly at risk of being ruled by social media.  Good research allows for Christians to gather reliable evidence, based on dependable sources.  By studying and comprehending this information we can reflect upon the things that we believe in and value as Christians.  Research skills,  which build on critical thinking skills, are something that can be used daily in our personal lives, not just academically or professionally. Jeremiah 6:27 teaches readers that God has appointed us to examine so that we can know the ways of people. By using this scripture as a guide, what can be drawn from this is we should seek the truth that we can know right from wrong and good from the bad.  Acts 17:11 goes on to teach readers that the Jews,  studied the scripture in an effort to seek the truth.  This simply encourages the readers of the scripture to go about research in a manner to seek the truth.  As graduate students who participate in research over the course of our educational and professional careers, it can be conflicting at times in our search for truth through research in a period where social media and other news outlets are ever-present. It is vital that we maintain the belief that as Christians we owe our existence to God alone in our search for the truth.