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Recidivism PaperA description of the population the current policy approach coversA social issue is something that concerns someone in society. The social issues can affect many people in the community or a few people in the community. Recidivism is the tendency of criminals to re-offend. A social problem is something that needs to be worked on in the community. “While the modern criminal justice system has been placing increased emphasis on incapacitating greater numbers of offenders and for longer periods of time, recidivist rates have also been increasing, giving rise to the perception that most offenders are being caught in an ever-revolving door from which release is almost impossible” (Meehan,2020). Recidivism could be an issue that needs work currently, such as the program does not now work. Recidivism is a social problem for many reasons: the cost to taxpayers and the harm is done to families and children, the damage, trauma, or destruction the crime victim suffers. This causes there to be more crime.Pierre van den Berghe said, “there is no such thing as a social problem until someone thinks there is” (Popple & Leighninger, 2015, p. 80).