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Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Course Which Helped Me Get to Know America. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. American government and politics are not very much related to my life as I am an international student in America. The influence of American government and politics on my life would have been more had I been a citizen of America. As of now, the biggest impact of the American government on my life has been in terms of the rules and regulations I had to face while entering America, the process I went through for being granted a visa, and my rights within this country as an international student. However, I am happy to state that the American government allows me the freedom to express my opinions freely without fearing undue accountability for the same. The thing that has had the biggest impact on me in America is the attitude of people. Americans are different from people in other countries. Not that that look different. it is a behavior that they exhibit that makes them different. I find Americans to be open-minded and straightforward. Most American friends that I have to speak to-the-point, and don’t brag about things much. I have received a message to be as practical in my thoughts and approach as I can be. I believe the same attitude reflects in American politics also. The government makes such rules that it can implement also. I did not experience any significant issues. We met each other using Google Hang Out. In fact, the group members were very collaborative. I was fortunate to be placed on the same team that my friends were in. My friends and I worked according to a schedule and a time table. We established our goals and took responsibilities considering our strengths and weaknesses through mutual consensus. We kept shifting the leadership responsibility from one team member to another so that everybody would have a fair chance to lead at least once. Likewise, when the exams approached, we conducted a group study. We helped each other out over the topics we knew better than the rest. Together, we were able to achieve complicated tasks with ease.