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Provide a 4 pages analysis while answering the following question: Considiring Censorship. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The communicative content that is usually censored is “sexual content, swearing, blasphemy, drug references, political content, and violence” (Inglis, 2006, 565). Censorship is good because it is done for the welfare of society as a whole.Television, radio, internet, newspapers, magazines, journals, novels, books, telephones and many other modes of communication are evaluated in terms of any content that is censorable. The content that is censored is restricted to reach to general public. In our daily lives, we can see various examples where the communicative content is censored on the basis of its harmful effects on the receivers of messages. The motives of censorship are good and this is done for the betterment of masses.On television, we can see various programs that we like. For example, we like to see movies. Sometimes, in movies abusive language or slangs are employed. In order to censor those slangs or abusive language, the abusive content is stopped to reach to general public. You must have heard the speech that is cut in between on the basis of its containing abusive content and in place of the actual word, we listen a tone. The tone indicates that the word was not worth listening to. Whenever, we listen to the tone, we at once identify that some bad talk is stopped. This censor of abusive words is a type of moral wellbeing of the masses and by this people are stopped to make use of abusive words in their daily lives.In wrestling programs, the sound of tone is extensively used when wrestlers talk to one another before the audience. They are not only challenging one another but also abuse each other and use colloquial expressions that are injurious for the listeners. The wrestling of WWE is well liked because of many heroes of the wrestling like John Cena and Shawn Michael.