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Please review your recorded speech multiple times before completing this self-evaluation. Your answers need to be supported with detailed examples from your speech. Utilize your background reading material and instructional feedback to assist in answering the following questions.Content and OrganizationEvaluate the success of your introduction.1.       What was your attention-getter and why do you feel it was effective?2.       Did you preview your points and why is this important?3.       How did you prove to be credible about the subject?4.       Explain your use of transitions and their effectiveness in moving your speech.Evaluate the success of your conclusion. 1.       Were you able to recap your main points and how does this help the audience?2.       What was your memorable statement, its purpose and why do you feel it was effective?Verbal and Nonverbal CommunicationEvaluate your nonverbal communication. In order to receive full credit, please review your recorded speech again and provide examples to support your opinion.EXAMPLE: Eye Contact – “I felt eye contact was fairly solid, but there were instances when I looked down at the cue cards. For example, when I was covering the steps on how to perform the exercise correctly, I looked down at my cards constantly. I believe this was due to not wanting to miss a step and NOT being familiar with the procedure. It was when I drew upon my experience that my eye contact improved and I was able to scan the audience effectively.”a.       Voice Inflection-b.      Unnecessary pauses/filler words-c.       Eye Contact/Scanning-d.      Facial Expressions-e.      Body  Movement-Outcome and Improvement – Please use tools and information provided within the course material to answer and earn full credit. This also includes referencing the chapters and sections within the textbook.1.       How did you prepare for your speech and what did you do that contributed to this success?2.       Which aspects of your speech need improvement? Please address (a) content and organization and (b) verbal and nonverbal communication and how you plan to improve these areas.