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Part 1:1.Between 1450 and 1700 the world became more globally linked; who created these new global links and how did this new globalization impact the four major areas of the world, including Europe, the Americas (Latin America and North America and both pre-Columbian and Colonial Americas), Africa (treat Sub-Saharan Africa as one broad civilization), and Asia (China, Japan, and the Islamic Empires).Part 2:2. According to Cabeza de Vaca’s account in Adventures in the Unknown Interior of the Americas, how did cross-cultural understandings and misunderstandings shape the interaction between the Spanish Conquistadores and the Native Americans in his experiences? Or based on the film, The Return of Martin Guerre, what was life like for most people in the pre-industrial and pre-enlightened world?Part 3:1. Define Class (in a historical context):_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. (2 points)2. Henry the Navigator was_____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________. (1 point)3. One of the reasons that the Spanish defeated the Aztecs was (circle the one right answer): difference is how both sides envisioned war OR the Spanish had “high tech” weapons. (1 point)4. The elite infantry, artillery and engineers in the Ottoman Empire were called the __________________________________________________________________________ (1 point)5. The Portuguese colonized the coast of Brazil so that they could grow ____________________ _________________________________________________________________there. (1 point).6. The Incan Empire was located in_ ________________________________________(1 point).7. Confucian bureaucrats ran ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (name of country) (1 point)8. The capital of the Aztec empire was ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. (1 point)9. The African king who built Quranic (Muslim) schools in West Africa was __________________________________________________________________________________. (1 point)10. The Chinese dynasty that tried to restore China back to its pre-Mongol ways was the______________________________________________________________ dynasty. (1 point)11. About ¼ of slaves taken from Africa died on the shipboard voyage to the Americas known as______________________________________________________________passage. (1 point)12. The civil war in Japan was between the ____________________________________________________________, who were all fighting to become the Shogun of Japan. (1 point).13. Define Human Agency (in a historical context):_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. (2 points)14. The Chinese admiral who led maritime expeditions to as far away as Africa was ________________________________________________________________________________. (1 point)15. The civilization that sacrificed captured enemy warriors to please their gods was the______________________________________________________________________. (1 point)16. The three parts of the world that participated in the Triangle Trade of the Atlantic World were _______________________________ and _________________________ and __________________________. (1 point each for a total of 3 points)17. Hideyoshi was historically important because he ________________________________________________________________________________________________________. (1 point)18. After taking over the Aztec Empire, the Spanish transformed it into a colony called____________________________________________________________________. (1 point)19. The ____________________________________ wanted colonies in the Americans without people (Native Americans) so that they could have their own small, family farms in the New World. (1 point)20. Two of the three Spanish motives for colonizing the Americas were: _________________________________________________ and ______________________________. (1 point each for a total of 2 points)