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Need an research paper on the psycho social behaviour of children survivors in post- genocide countries. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. In fact, &nbsp.it is a prevalent practice in Rwanda among children survivors to raise younger children by themselves resulting in child-headed families where some 42,000 households struggle to raise an estimated 101,000 children ( United Nations: Lessons from Rwanda ).&nbsp.Children survivors of post-genocide countries are affected in many aspects of their development. They are affected economically, psychologically, and socially. However, one of the most pronounced manifestations of trauma in children survivors is behavioral changes. In a report by the UN Secretary-General to the General Assembly in 1996, it was stated that: Children who suffer from stress display a wide range of symptoms, including increased separation anxiety and developmental delays, sleep disturbances and nightmares, lack of appetite, withdrawn behavior, lack of interest in play, and, in younger children, learning difficulties. In older children and adolescents, responses to stress can include anxious or aggressive behavior and depression. ( 49 )Atle Dyregrov, Leila Gupta, Rolf Gjestad, and Eugenie Mukanoheli conducted a study that started in 1994 that interviewed 3030 survivors aged 8-19 from Rwanda. These children survivors saw their loved ones violently killed by machetes and heard screams of help. They also witnessed the participation of trusted adults as well as children in some of the killings. In fact, these children believed that they would die during that horrible period, or even if they survived, they would not reach adulthood. The study revealed a high incidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among children. The results are disturbing:Overall, the data indicate that many children continued to have intrusive images, thoughts, and feelings 13–20 months after exposure to the events of the war, despite their attempts to remove the event from their memory and to avoid these reminders. Many of the children also reported increased arousal symptoms such as an inability to concentrate or pay attention.