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Need an research paper on the issue of gender inequities. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. These income differentiations come about from discrimination due to gender, friendship, and ethnicity by their superiors. There is an issue reduction of salaries due to women’s placement within a certain occupation (Stacy 56).Some employers reduce the number of salaries paid to their employees due to women’s existence within a particular job group. Many women within a particular job may make employers take advantage of their numbers and cut their salaries due to their perceived weakness. Subsequently, the men get discouraged due to the reduction of job satisfaction and leave their employments. There is also the perception of some men where. the large numbers of women in the workplace can imply the job is either old fashioned or there is the recruitment of unqualified employees. Many men usually dislike entering jobs, mostly dominated by women like in such a situation (Stacy 126).Gender issues can also arise in the workplace due to the nature of the job. Men and women display different attitudes towards emergencies, situations, or pressures that occasionally occur in interactions or business operations. Some jobs require different emotional, mental, and social capabilities. hence, they favor a particular gender group. For example, personal secretaries’ air hostesses and receptionists, to mention a few, all interact with numerous people with different attitudes and personalities. Women are believed to be slow to anger, social, and quickly adaptable to different attitudes. hence, these jobs are preferred to women compared to men. Manual jobs are often referred to as men because of their strength and tolerance (Stacy 86).Education also indicates a big gap between males and females in society. In developing nations, girls are normally given fewer opportunities in the educational sector.