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Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic The Effects of Music on Sexual Attitudes. In the music video, Candy Shop by 50-cent feat Olivia some of the stereotypes are adversely revealed. Men are depicted to be more aggressive and adventurous than women. Conversely, women are portrayed as more affectionate and nurturing (Bar-on et al, 2001). They are also ‘sex objects’. they are shown wearing skimpy clothing most of the times and tend to be pursued sexually more often than men. The message also emphasizes the physical appearance of the women, depicting them as passive and seekers for men attention. These views are consistent with Kalof research findings (Bar-on 191-194).Notably, these are not the only images of gender roles young men and women are exposed to while enjoying the visual entertainments. Music video No More Drama by Mary J. Blige tries to depict women in a more empowering manner. The gender stereotypes images shown do not necessarily affect different views by both male and women. Kalof study involved young, educated white college students. thus this result does not apply to other racial groups, social classes or people with less education.In addition, Kalof (378-385) study focused to prove if sexual images on videos affected people based on their gender. However, in her article, she refers to the participants as women or men, which are terms used to describe one’s biological sex rather than male and female. In light of this indistinctness, one’s biological sex can probably be the link to one’s sexual attitudes and not gender.